Explore Bulgaria with a GHIC card

The world of travel has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, and UK nationals travelling to Europe for work, tourism, study and to live have had to negotiate the challenges posed by Brexit. Luckily, the UK Global Health Insurance Card, which has replaced the European Health Insurance Card, means peace of mind for UK residents who want to explore the continent.

Why not include Bulgaria in your future plans? By choosing GHIC.co.uk for your Bulgaria GHIC application you will be discovering the wonders of this country in no time.

Visiting the country with a Bulgaria GHIC card

There are many reasons to visit Bulgaria. One of the latest members of the EU, this former Soviet nation contains many surprises for the curious traveller and those looking to make it their home.

From the lovely people to the world-class food (a mix of Slavic, Greek, and Oriental cuisine) which can be consumed at any restaurant or cafe in the country, Bulgaria is an incredibly warm and inviting country.

Also a country full of history and opposites, Bulgaria, especially the capital Sofia, has an intriguing mix of old, concrete Soviet architecture and sleek modern skyscrapers. Each building tells a story here. With your Bulgaria UK Global Health Insurance Card you are assured that if anything happens, you will have peace of mind.

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City breaks galore with a Bulgaria UK GHIC card

How many reasons are there to visit Bulgaria? More than one can count, and certainly more than we can tell you about here. You have to discover it for yourself and trust us, it is well worth it.

Sofia, the capital and largest city, is nestled against the foot of Vitosha Mountain, one of the most majestic in Eastern Europe. This city is ideal for your next city break destination.

Eat and drink at the many cafes and restaurants serving traditional Bulgarian dishes like Banista, a crumbly, delicious pastry made with feta cheese and egg, or sink a beer or wine at one of the many Bulgarian mehana (pubs). Sofia boasts both intimate family-run diners and world-famous high-end restaurants.

Other reasons to visit Sofia with a Bulgaria UK Global Health Insurance Card include the Square of Religious Tolerance (which has places of worship for four major religions located close to each other). Heavenly religious architecture awaits in this square of cathedrals, mosques, and synagogues. Or you can visit the many museums including the Sofia History Museum and the Museum of Socialist Art.

For those looking to work or study here, Sofia is a modern cosmopolitan city with several world-class universities and leading companies present.

Other cities you simply must visit with your UK-Bulgaria Health Insurance Card is Plovdiv, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, and Bulgaria’s second city.

Reveal natural wonders with a Bulgaria GHIC card

Bulgaria has some of the most amazing natural landscapes to be found on the European continent, which are often overlooked by tourists in favour of, say, the Austrian alps or Scandinavian fjords. The nature lover will spend a large chunk of time just exploring the many national parks and mountains of this wonderful land.

One particularly stunning area that will invigorate the soul of any weary traveller is the Rila lakes, situated in the Rila mountains. These seven glacial lakes are world-famous and each is named after a defining feature. Wear comfortable shoes if you want to see them all though – a hike to the top will take a full day (you will be glad you have a Bulgaria UK GHIC card in case anything goes wrong).

For the adventurously minded, you can even go bungee jumping in Prohodna cave. There is plenty to see and do in Bulgaria.

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Use GHIC.co.uk to start your Bulgaria GHIC application

With so much to see and do, you will definitely be glad you have your UK Global Health Insurance Card. Luckily, it is easy and efficient through GHIC.co.uk.

We are a trusted supplier of health insurance cards that UK nationals trust. The application process cannot be simpler. Just enter your details, including name, address, National Insurance no., EHIC pin (if you have one), date of birth and so forth, and you are good to go.

There is a small admin and processing fee, but with our quick application process, you will be able to get back to planning your trip in no time. Whether you are visiting or planning to live, work, or study in Bulgaria, GHIC.co.uk is your first stop for your Bulgaria health insurance needs.

If something goes wrong, you want to make sure that there are no nasty surprises and medical bills which can tarnish the memory of your Bulgaria experience. So don’t delay – order your Bulgaria GHIC, Estonia GHIC or Finland GHIC today.


How much does it cost to apply through GHIC.co.uk?

There is one small fee of £35 when applying to access state-funded healthcare in Bulgaria. This covers processing and admin costs. You can also apply for spouses and children through us – making sure that the whole family is covered in any eventuality.

Who needs to apply for a GHIC card?

Anyone looking to live in or visit Bulgaria needs a Bulgaria health insurance card. This includes pensioners who draw a UK state pension, UK students on exchange or studying full time, anyone posted to work in Bulgaria by a UK employer, those living in both countries, and tourists. Whether you are just visiting for a quick city break in Sofia or looking to make Bulgaria your second home, you need health cover. Only those with settled resident status do not need a GHIC card.

Why should I choose GHIC.co.uk?

If you need a Bulgaria GHIC or France GHIC you need to know that the people supplying it are trustworthy and reliable. At GHIC.co.uk we provide health insurance access for UK nationals just like yourself every day of the year.

With GHIC.co.uk your health is in good hands. So if you are planning to visit Bulgaria for any reason whatsoever, start the application process for your GHIC card with us today.

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