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Explore Croatia with the Croatia Global Health Insurance Card

Famous for its islands, as a filming location for Game of Thrones, and its beautiful waterfalls, Croatia is one of the newest countries to join the EU (in 2013).

This coastal country has plenty to offer. From cities to beaches, islands to mountains, there’s something for everyone.

Here are five activities that will convince anyone Croatia is worth a visit.

1. Swim in the waterfalls at Krka

This water-filled national park is based around the Krka river and the seven waterfalls are themselves made up of many smaller waterfalls. Beautiful blue pools form between the falls, making it a great swimming spot.

The area has the second-highest density of lavender in Europe, so visit in May/June and you’ll find the place transformed into a sea of purple.

Be sure to explore the Visovac Monastery, a Catholic order who made its home on the island in the middle of Krka’s lake in 1445.

2. Visit Split’s Diocletian’s Palace

Did you know Croatia was previously a Greek colony? When you visit Split, it’s not hard to imagine – the centre revolves around this perfectly-preserved palace made up of over 200 buildings.

In the day, explore the history, shop or take a walking tour. By night, enjoy the live music outside under the palace walls, or visit a courtyard bar.

Despite being a UNESCO listed area, you’ll spot washing hung out to dry and the residents who live here going about their daily business.

3. Spot brown bears in the Velebit mountains

Croatia is home to a few thousand bears who live in the mountainous region of Velebit. The best time to see them in the wild is at sunset, or you can visit these furry-yet-dangerous creatures in the Kuterevo Bear Refuge.

This organisation rehomes bears from zoos, orphan cubs from the wild, injured bears, and any other bears that need help.

The region is home to plenty more rare wildlife, including wolves, lynx and rare species of bat.

4. Explore Game of Thrones’ sites in Dubrovnik

This popular series has put many of Croatia’s beautiful locations on the map, and none more so than Dubrovnik.

The whole walled city is UNESCO listed, and a beautiful place to explore. Climb the city walls, take in the view from the Minceta Tower (GOT’s House of the Undying), or stroll around the cobbled streets and take in Jesuits Staircase – the filming location for Cersei’s walk of shame.

After a long day exploring, relax in one of the bars around the walled city limits, and watch brave swimmers jump off the walls into the sea.

5. Cycle around the Adriatic’s most seductive island

Mljet is a small, mostly-forested island near Dubrovnik, with part of the island a designated national park.

Croatia’s greenest island has clear seas, coastal caves, and two salty lakes connected by a natural “lazy river” channel for you to float down.

With just one bus a day, a small school, a population of just over 1000, and no hospital on the island, it feels truly unspoilt.

Should the worst happen, Dubrovnik public hospital is just 40 miles away – with a GHIC, all emergency health treatment is covered, putting your mind at ease.

Get Your Global Health Insurance Card

What is the Croatia GHIC?

For years, European citizens have had access to the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) whilst travelling. This covers you for any healthcare you need whilst abroad, as long as you haven’t travelled specifically for this reason. You can access all state-provided healthcare at a reduced cost (often it’s actually free!).

Since Brexit at the end of December 2020, the UK is no longer part of the European Union, so UK citizens are now ineligible to use the EHIC.

But there’s no need to panic! Your current EHIC will continue to be valid until it expires, then you will need to apply for a UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC).

The GHIC works in the same way as the old EHIC, and is totally free – websites offering a GHIC for a fee are not legitimate.

To visit Croatia and other EU countries in the future, it will be important to have a Global Health Insurance Card. Apply for your GHIC cards including Hungary GHIC card here.

Why do I need a GHIC card to visit Croatia?

Whether you’re hiking in one of Croatia’s 8 national parks, trying a new water sport, or walking Dubrovnik’s walls in the scorching sun, enjoy your trip with the knowledge that your GHIC will help make healthcare costs affordable, should anything happen.

Considering a longer cruise to explore some of Croatia’s 718 islands? Don’t be held back by needing treatment for your chronic health issues on the way. The GHIC can help cover the costs of managing your chronic condition – from routine maternity care to dialysis, a Global Health Insurance Card means you’re treated like a local and charged accordingly.

With Croatians paying just 20% of costs associated with their healthcare treatment, your GHIC ensures you can access Croatia’s public hospitals at this same rate.

How do I apply for a Croatia GHIC Card?

Apply via the form provided on the EHIC website here for your Croatia UK GHIC Card, Germany GHIC Card or Greece GHIC Card. The card is universal and can be used in any EU country.

FAQ about the Croatia UK GHIC Card

Q. How can the Croatia GHIC card help me?

The Croatia GHIC aims to save you money on your visit to Croatia, or any other EU country. Not only will your healthcare costs be massively reduced, but the Croatia GHIC Card may also reduce your travel insurance costs.

Q. What treatment will my Croatia Health Insurance Card cover during my trip?

With a Croatia GHIC Card, you will be charged the same as a Croatian citizen when accessing healthcare. Your Croatia UK Global Health Insurance Card ensures you are only responsible for 20% of medical costs at any state-run hospital or GP, up to a maximum of 2000 Croatian Kuna (<£250).

Q. Which other countries will my Croatia UK GHIC Card cover?

The Croatia GHIC covers all 27 European Union countries. Don’t forget Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland aren’t part of the EU so you won’t be covered by your Croatia Health Insurance Card here.

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