Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is growing in popularity as a holiday destination, and city breaks to Prague are on many travel bucket lists. It’s easy to see why. This densely forested country in Central Europe is a wonderful place for exploration.

If you’re planning a holiday or business trip to the Czech Republic, as well as making a ‘must-see’ list for your stay, it’s highly recommended that you obtain a Czech Republic Health Insurance Card. This will ensure that any incidents, accidents or illnesses don’t make your visit a rather expensive one!

This guide gives you tips on what to do in the Czech Republic and also explains what a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) is. We will outline the Czech Republic GHIC application process and the wider uses of this invaluable card.

What is a Czech Republic UK Global Health Insurance Card?

When the UK was part of the EU, the British could apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This was part of a reciprocal agreement between the state-funded health services. EU citizens could use the NHS free of charge, and UK people could access free or subsidised medical aid when on the continent.

Post-Brexit, a similar agreement has been reached. However, it is now called the Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). This is because the UK hopes to extend its use beyond the 27 countries in the EU. For example, it could encompass Australia and New Zealand at some point. (Keep watching this site for GHIC updates.)

When you apply for a Czech Republic UK GHIC Card or Lithuania GHIC card, it will have a substantial expiry date. You can start to use it immediately, and it’s valuable for future visits to the country. It is also valid throughout the other EU nations.

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Planning your stay, and packing your Czech Republic GHIC

It has massive, ancient forests to beguile you, but the Czech Republic also has more castles per mile than alternative European destinations! From ruins to inhabitable fortresses, you have around 2,000 to visit if the country’s complex history is of interest, as well as heritage sites such as Kutna Hora, the Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc and the Holašovice Historical Village. Some structures in the Czech Republic are the oldest on the planet!

Instead, you may want to immerse yourself in this country’s cuisine or discover why it is so famed for its beers. Walking, cycling, motorbiking and car road trips are all common in the Bohemia region, especially to see the unforgettable natural beauty of ‘Bohemian Paradise’ (Český ráj). Keep in mind any of those activities could potentially make a Czech Republic GHIC invaluable for a hospital visit.

One of the reasons to visit the Czech Republic is its low crime rate. Even Prague is known to have many areas you can walk around at night, and this city draws back visitors due to its calm, welcoming vibe as well as its stunning architecture.

If you do have an accident or illness during your holiday, city break or business trip, you will also be pleased to hear that the health service here is well organised. With your Czech Republic GHIC Card, you can benefit from free medical assistance in many situations.

Using your Czech Republic UK GHIC Card

One of the most important things to keep in mind about GHIC cards like Luxembourg GHIC card is that you can’t use them for free health services in private treatment centres. You must use your Czech Republic GHIC at doctors’ surgeries and hospitals that come under the umbrella of the country’s Health Insurance Bureau (Kancelář zdravotního pojištění).

How your GHIC works in the Czech Republic may be subject to change, so always get up to date information before your stay. However, generally, you get free health services as follows:

• Find a doctor contracted by the Czech health insurance fund.
• Show them your Czech Republic Health Insurance Card.
• They will ask you to sign a certificate of entitlement (Potvrzeni o naroku).
• Any treatment or tests you receive will be noted on this document.
• You get a copy, and the doctor secures reimbursement from the Czech public health insurance fund.

It is a similar arrangement if you attend a Czech hospital, and you should not be charged for your medical treatment if it is a state-funded facility. Ambulance transport is also free if you show your Czech Republic GHIC card. You could well have to pay for prescriptions though.

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Where to make a Czech Republic GHIC application

Clearly, a Czech Republic UK Global Health Insurance Card has the potential to save you a great deal of money, as well as providing you with peace of mind during your stay. (Plus, don’t forget you can use it in other countries if you plan to go across the border!)

What do you need to do to obtain a Czech Republic GHIC or Malta GHIC card application?

To save time and hassle, many travellers prefer to use a Czech Republic GHIC card specialist such as us to obtain their GHIC application.

Eligibility for a GHIC revolves around being able to prove your identity, address and nationality. You can only have a Czech Republic UK Global Health Insurance Card if you are a UK citizen.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a Czech Republic GHIC when I have a valid EHIC?

Your EHIC card can still be used. However, make sure you apply for Czech Republic GHIC if your trip there is after your EHIC expires.

Does my Czech Republic UK GHIC Card cover my partner and children?

Each traveller needs their own card to benefit from free health services under this scheme. However, when you make your Czech Republic GHIC application, you can request cards for your partner and children as long as you can evidence their identity and nationality.

If I have travel insurance, do I still need a Czech Republic GHIC Card?

To cover a wide range of risks on your trip, you need both travel insurance and a GHIC. In fact, many insurance companies insist that you have a card to validate your policy.

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