Visiting Estonia with a GHIC card

Travel expands our horizons. With the changing political landscape brought on by Brexit, however, UK nationals looking to travel, work, live, or study in Europe now face slight uncertainty. One thing they do not need to worry about, though, is accessing state-funded healthcare in their country of destination. An Estonia UK GHIC card or Slovenia GHIC card is essential.

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) has long been the avenue to access free or reduced-cost healthcare for millions of people across the EU. Even though this is now unavailable to UK nationals, the UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) ensures that when visiting an EU or EEA nation, there will be no issue with access to healthcare. One country that should be on any bucket list is Estonia – and with an Estonia health insurance card, time spent in the country is worry-free.

Experience Estonia with an Estonia UK GHIC Card

Estonia is one of the Baltic states, slightly larger than Switzerland. Even though its Scandinavian neighbours draw more attention from tourists from the UK, this small, green country with its 1500 islands offers a lot for the curious traveller. UK nationals who visit or live in this Baltic state with an Estonia Health Insurance Card will testify to its unique charms.

Listed as Lonely Planet’s best value destination in the world for 2016, Estonia is often forgotten and overlooked (though it is the most visited of the Baltic nations). It has a population of about 1.4 million (less than the city of London) and more than 70% of the population live in the cities and towns.

From green, rolling hills to crystal clear waters, curious islands, and modern cosmopolitan cities still with an old-world charm, Estonia has it all.

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Take a city break with an Estonia GHIC

There are so many things to see and do in this country. Starting with the capital Tallinn with its UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town, St. Olaf’s Church, Town Hall Square, and many museums including the Occupation Museum, there is much to satisfy the curious traveller.

The many bars, clubs, and quirky street-side cafes are also waiting to welcome those in need of refreshment. entertainment and conversation through their doors.

Estonia also has the most spas per capita, and the island of Saaremaa has earned itself the nickname “Spareema”. The island’s largest town is one of the most spa-dense places on Earth.

Other cities well worth being included on your bucket list are Narva, Tartu and Kuressaare. Estonia is ideal for a city break and with an Estonia UK Global Health Insurance Card, you are guaranteed peace of mind.

The natural wonders of Estonia – safer with an Estonia GHIC card

Outside of the hustle and bustle of the towns and cities, the natural wonders of Estonia are just waiting to be discovered. From the Russian border to the Baltic sea, there is much that will enrapture the nature lover. Even if something goes wrong in the wilderness, by making an Estonia GHIC or Romania GHIC card application, you will be covered.

A land of lakes, oceans and trees (the world’s tallest pine and spruce, each over 200 years old, can be found next to each other and Lauri the Oak has been growing since 1326), Estonia is a stunningly beautiful land.

A land of architectural wonder revealed with an Estonia GHIC card>/h2>

Estonia has many intriguing buildings with a stunning range of architectural styles. From the huge fortress of Hermann castle to the Kõpu lighthouse which was built in 1504 and some of the most well-preserved Stalinist-era architecture in the world, Estonia is full of curiosity. With an Estonia GHIC, you can really experience this Baltic nation between Russia and Scandinavia.

And whilst we’re on the subject of curiosities, why not pay a visit to the tilted Tartu Art Museum (more slanted than the tower of Pisa), or watch a game at a stadium with an oak tree growing right in the middle of the field? This intriguing Baltic country has many surprises in store for you.

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Applying for an Estonia GHIC card through

As well as visiting the country, UK nationals live, work, and study in this pearl of the Baltic states. Since the UK has left the EU, however, you need a UK Global Health Insurance card to access free or low-cost healthcare when there. Luckily, the process of making your Estonia GHIC or Slovakia GHIC card application could not be easier – we take care of everything for you for a small fee and will get your card to you in no time at all. Just pop in a few details on our easy-to-use application page and we will do the rest for you.

You can also make an application for your spouse or children if relevant. It cannot be easier and is so essential that you do. Accidents and illnesses can happen at any time, but with an Estonia GHIC, they do not need to cost the Earth.


Who needs an Estonia Health Insurance Card?

UK nationals who spend time in Estonia will need to access health care. This includes UK pensioners who draw a state pension, students, tourists, those who are posted to work there by their UK-based company, and UK nationals living in both Estonia and Britain. With an Estonia UK Global Health Insurance Card, you can access the country’s modern health care system just like an Estonian national.

How much does an Estonia GHIC cost?

There is a small fee of £35 when applying for your card through

Why should I purchase my card through you?

When you need to get something done, you want to use the most reputable and trustworthy people to carry it out. At, we ensure that UK nationals can access healthcare services in their target destination. When you choose us to help with your Estonia GHIC application, you can be assured that you are ordering from a company which has your needs in mind. Whether you are travelling, working, studying, or living there, you need an Estonia GHIC. Apply today.

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