A UK Global Health Insurance Card for Greece

A UK Global Health Insurance Card for travel to Greece

A favoured holiday destination for UK citizens, Greece provides a wealth of unique experiences to suit all tastes. From discovering its ancient treasures, traditional music and cuisine to exploring the Aegean Sea with its thrilling water sports; intrigue, excitement, and tranquillity are all abundant here. To ensure you can enjoy all this European location has to offer, you need to get a Greece UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) before you travel.

Covering your healthcare needs with a Greece UK GHIC card

The GHIC has now replaced the previously issued health care cards for UK travellers to Europe, which are called EHICs. When travelling as a Greece GHIC cardholder, you will be able to obtain essential health and medical services, either at a notably reduced cost or free of charge.

Before your holiday, a Greece GHIC or Estonia GHIC card application must be completed in full if you would like to benefit from healthcare cover for the duration of your stay. The card will also enable you to obtain urgent help from medical services if you require them as part of a pre-existing condition, whether you’re in Greece on business or leisure.

On arrival, your Greece health insurance card can also help with routine maternity assistance if you need to give birth on short notice. However, one point to note is that a Greece GHIC will not cover expenses if you have chosen this country with the specific intent to give birth.

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Stress-free holidays when your Greece GHIC application is approved

From its historic capital Athens – once the centre of Ancient Greece, where the mighty acropolis rubs shoulders with luxury hotels and clubs – to the maze-like streets of Old Rhodes Town, there is much to explore in Greece. The scent of fresh seafood and baked breads at local tavernas, traditional Greek festivals and a thriving arts scene offer plentiful experiences, but for peace of mind, make sure you and your family have healthcare cover in place.

If they have UK citizenship, any family members travelling with you can enjoy the advantages of a GHIC card like Finland GHIC card. Applications can be made on behalf of your children or a partner or spouse, but everyone must have their own card. Note: you’ll be required to present proof of your nationality and your UK address when you apply for a Greece health insurance card.

Healthcare cover using a Greece GHIC card

Greece offers thrill-seekers a cornucopia of countless adventures. Its varied terrain and locations allow for unique pursuits including wreck diving, rock climbing and kitesurfing against a backdrop of the Greek isles’ blue skies. While these unmissable activities can be exciting, preparing for unexpected accidents is always wise and a GHIC can offer able support.

If you are hurt and need help, a Greece UK GHIC card or France GHIC card can assist with emergency medical costs. While it may not be life-threatening, even a small injury may require medical aid quickly to ensure it doesn’t spoil the rest of your holiday. A GHIC will give you this critical cover.

Using a Greece UK Global Health Insurance Card is never tricky. Simply show your GHIC card whenever medical prescriptions or a healthcare service is provided at a state-funded healthcare facility. They can then use these details and confirm you have the right to either reduced costs or free services.

If you are a UK citizen travelling to Greece, obtain your GHIC today to ensure you won’t have to pay full price for your healthcare needs while you are away from home.

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Frequently asked questions about Greece GHIC cards

Does my new GHIC card provide cover for travel outside of Europe?

Among the most common misunderstandings about its predecessor, the EHIC, which will likely be the same for the GHIC, is that the card entitles holders to free healthcare services wherever they are in the world. This is not the case.

The point of both EHIC and GHIC cards is to allow you to access the agreement for reciprocal healthcare between the EU and the UK. This agreement and the rights you receive only extend to countries that are part of the European Union. So, while in Greece, your UK Global Health Insurance Card will entitle you to cover, but if you flew from there to the USA, you wouldn’t have access to free and reduced-cost healthcare on arrival.

Can you get free healthcare for a pre-existing condition if you are a Greece GHIC holder?

There is a marked difference between requiring health services planned in advance and choosing to travel abroad for a medical procedure. Should you choose to travel to Greece for therapy or a procedure unavailable on the NHS, your GHIC will not cover this and you must pay any costs yourself.

However, those with a pre-existing or long-term health condition, who have a GHIC, can arrange to access specialist care during a business trip or holiday. This may include oxygen treatment for individuals with lung problems or dialysis for those with kidney issues. Your GP should always be consulted regarding your travel plans if you have a condition and research completed on costs in Greece for any treatment you could potentially require.

Do you need travel insurance for your holiday if you get a Greece GHIC?

An important point to consider before travelling is that a Greece GHIC card won’t entirely replace the need for travel insurance. While in Greece, a UK GHIC card can help you in accessing essential healthcare simply and swiftly and often for free, travel insurance may still be required to cover other circumstances. For example, travel insurance would be necessary if you need help returning home after a fall ill or injury or if you must be rescued in the event of an accident at a remote location.