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Visiting Ireland with the Ireland GHIC Card

Ireland is a beautiful country with so much to explore. While securing medical insurance isn’t as thrilling as taking off from the runway, stepping onto a ferry, or packing your suitcase, it’s a nonetheless vital step in ensuring that you can enjoy your visit with full confidence and peace of mind.

If you’re travelling to The Emerald Isle and don’t already have a valid EHIC card, you should secure an Ireland GHIC Card before you leave.

Your new Ireland Health Insurance Card, the Ireland GHIC

It is vital to ensure that you and your loved ones have access to prompt and fairly priced healthcare while abroad. Requiring medical aid overseas – through injury, sickness or even the joy of giving birth – is already a stressful enough endeavour without worrying about your finances.

With Britain’s exit from the EU moving forward, those travelling to Ireland (or into the EU) might be worried about their access to healthcare. Fortunately, access to these services with the Ireland GHIC Card or Italy GHIC card (the replacement to the EHIC Card) is as simple and robust as ever. You can find more information on how to apply below.

If you don’t have a valid EHIC card, or if your EHIC card is about to expire, the Ireland UK GHIC Card will provide you with the peace of mind to fully explore Ireland’s rich landscape and can be ordered, with ease, from home.

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What an Ireland UK Global Health Insurance Card provides

From January 4th, 2021, the Ireland UK GHIC Card and Latvia GHIC card has replaced the previous EHIC option for equitable access to healthcare services in Ireland. Not only will applying for a GHIC secure your healthcare during your trip to Ireland, but it will apply to participating EU countries as well!

The Ireland GHIC Application is quick, simple, and can be done online. You can also cover your family members, as long as each person on the application meets the nationality and residency requirements.

Applying for an Ireland UK Global Health Insurance Card will mean that you and your family can avoid the unpleasant, complicated, and stressful routes to securing medical bills while travelling, and you’ll be able to gain access to Ireland’s comprehensive healthcare services for free, or at a greatly reduced cost.

Travelling while expecting can be especially stressful. Fortunately, your Ireland GHIC will also cover maternity health, including the treasured event of giving birth, with the same financial reassurances offered to any resident of the country.

The Ireland GHIC Card can give you peace of mind

The card is simple to apply for right here. During your Ireland GHIC Application, you’ll be asked a series of questions to determine your eligibility. If there are any pieces of information that render you ineligible, you will be notified immediately, rather than having to worry about whether or not you fit the criteria.

After this straightforward process, your application and its evidence will be reviewed, and you’ll receive your verification for an Ireland GHIC Card. It’s efficient, simple and easy to secure peace of mind for yourself and your family before travelling abroad, and it can all be done from the comfort of your home.

Whether you are applying for the first time or already hold an EHIC card, you will instead receive the updated Ireland UK GHIC Card or Lithuania GHIC card. It can sometimes take a while for terms to be replaced on a governmental level, but you’ll be in the right place to obtain your peace of mind and healthcare security.

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Ireland UK Global Health Insurance Card Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need travel insurance if I get an Ireland UK GHIC Card?

The Ireland UK Global Health Insurance Card is vital for ensuring that you and your family have access to healthcare for a humane and reasonable price at the point of entry. However, you still need to obtain travel insurance for several purposes, along with your Ireland GHIC.

Travel insurance covers other issues, such as helping you return home after a substantial injury. It may also help cover specialist treatment and medical attention during any cruises you might take in conjunction with your visit to Ireland, as well as costs for equally important services such as search and rescue in applicable countries.

Can having an Ireland UK Global Health Insurance Card reduce my travel insurance costs?

The answer is – potentially! In addition to providing security and peace of mind during your visit to Ireland, the Ireland Health Insurance Card may be required by some travel insurance companies, while having an Ireland GHIC can even reduce excess payments if you claim for health-related issues.

Securing both travel insurance and an Ireland GHIC is your best bet to ensure that an unfortunate health emergency doesn’t turn into a financial struggle.

Will I need to pay for healthcare in Ireland even with an Ireland GHIC Card?

As the UK has approached the date of severing its ties with the EU, there has been some concern that the previously widespread access to the healthcare of other countries, and the security that gives for visitors, would no longer be available. Fortunately, the Ireland GHIC makes it possible for UK citizens to have access to the basic healthcare they need.

While you may need to pay for certain services such as emergency care, an Ireland Health Insurance Card will entitle you to the same cover as a resident of the country, allowing you to focus on enjoying your stay.

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