As of 2021, Britain is no longer part of the wider European Union (EU). While many elements of travel to Italy will remain the same despite these changes, part of this post-Brexit change is how travellers to Italy can cover themselves for free or reduced-cost healthcare. If you want to make sure your next trip to Rome or tour of Italy is as safe as possible, getting an Italy GHIC card should be your top priority.

Replacing the EHIC, or European Health Insurance Card, the Italy UK Global Health Insurance Card provides UK travellers with protection when abroad. If you’re planning on discovering the incredible sounds and sights of Italy, then securing peace of mind for your trip should be top of your list. An Italy UK GHIC card provides that safety net, making your upcoming Italian trip better than ever.

What does an Italy GHIC card offer, how can you complete an Italy GHIC application, and what do you need to know? If you want to know more about how applying for an Italy health insurance card works, we’ve covered all the details below to give you a little more insight:

What does an Italy UK GHIC card do?

Previously, the EHIC card, also known as the E111, was the healthcare card needed for Italy. Post-BREXIT, the GHIC replaces the EHIC as the new, improved, modern option for reduced cost and free healthcare across Europe. When you travel to Italy, your Italy GHIC card acts as an extension of your NHS number. On approval of your application, you will receive a card with a number on it. This number is then used should you need medical assistance or treatment during your time in Italy.

For some people, the idea of an Italy GHIC card sounds like private health or medical insurance. But, having a GHIC like Luxembourg GHIC card in place before you explore the incredible tourist spots and remote villages of Italy is a step above what typical insurance can offer. Maternity care, chronic illness care and a range of other pre-existing medical support for treatments are covered as part of the Italy UK GHIC card, providing access to healthcare for free across a wide range of different needs and requirements.

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Do I have to have an Italy health insurance card to travel?

Technically, there’s no obligation to have an Italy UK Global Health Insurance Card in place if you’re planning on the trip of a lifetime to the home of pizza, pasta, and seafood. But if you want to get the most out of your incredible holiday plans, you’ll want to have an Italy UK GHIC in place. Not only does your GHIC card protect you, but it can cover your whole family. That’s the kind of peace of mind that’s well worth a little extra paperwork.

Are there any times when you won’t need to apply for an Italy health insurance card? If you already have an Italy EHIC card is placed that’s in-date and valid, you won’t need to go through the GHIC application process for your upcoming trip. But once your EHIC runs out, the next card you’ll need to get is an Italy UK GHIC card or Malta GHIC card. Don’t forget to check that your EHIC is still valid – because you don’t want it to run out when it comes to your next Italian adventure.

What’s the easiest way to apply for my Italy GHIC card?

Ready to get started with your application? We always recommend getting your GHIC card organised and applied for in plenty of time before your upcoming trip. Not only does that mean the process is done and dusted, but it means you’re ready to go as and when you want to. A spontaneous weekend break in Rome, or week on the Italian coast? No problem, if your GHIC is already in place.

At, we make the application process as effortless as possible. We pass your completed Italy GHIC application over to the NHS once you’ve completed the form on our website, ensuring nothing is forgotten and keeping your application process as easy and streamlined as possible. If you’re applying for more than one person, such as a spouse or children, everything can be done on one, simple form, to make the process even easier.

As for the information you’ll need to fill out your Italy GHIC application, you’ll want your NHS number or your National Insurance number handy to complete the initial application. You’ll need to provide proof of address and nationality as well. Once everything is filled out, you can then get on with all the other aspects of planning your trip while your application is reviewed and checked. Once the NHS has approved your application, you’ll be notified, and you’ll be fully covered for your Italy travel.

If you’ve got an upcoming trip to Italy on the horizon, getting your Italy UK GHIC card or Netherlands GHIC card sorted should be a top priority. Apply today to ensure you’re fully covered, and able to enjoy every part of Italy without the worry of large medical bills.

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Italy GHIC Application FAQs

How much does healthcare cost in Italy?

If you have your Italy GHIC card in place, the costs of any medical care you receive will either be completely free or extremely reduced. The actual costs will depend on the specific treatment, Italy’s healthcare system, and a range of other factors. If you don’t have an Italy GHIC card in place, you will pay far higher rates – and potentially be faced with thousands of pounds in medical bills.

What if I/my spouse loses our GHIC card for Italy?

As the GHIC card is proof of your healthcare coverage, not having your Italy GHIC card – whether due to theft, loss or damage – may lead to you paying higher medical costs. However, in emergencies, you can call the NHS Overseas Healthcare Services number on +44 (0)191 218 1999. They may be able to issue a Provisional Replacement Certificate to cover you temporarily while you’re in Italy.

Will my Italy GHIC cover private medical care?

Your GHIC card does not act as an alternative to typical travel insurance. As such, we always advise people to be cautious about seeking medical help from holiday reps or concierges. You may be pushed towards private healthcare, which will not be covered as part of your Italy GHIC.