Now the UK has officially exited the EU as part of Brexit, certain changes relating to travel between countries now apply. When Britain was a part of the EU, free healthcare was available across most European countries – and Latvia was no exception to that rule. While E111 or EHIC cards are no longer an option, a Latvia GHIC card, also known as the Latvia UK Global Health Insurance Card, is available as an alternative.

If you’re planning to travel to Latvia, whether you’re visiting family, exploring the sights of this beautiful country, or planning on trekking across Europe, having a Latvia UK GHIC card should be an essential part of your plan. Providing access to reduced or free healthcare, a Latvia health insurance card provides safety and security in an unknown country. Want to know more about what a Latvia UK GHIC card is or how to complete a Latvia GHIC application? We’ve covered all that you need to know below:

What is a Latvia UK GHIC card?

If you’re planning a holiday or trip to Latvia in the future, you may want to apply for a Latvia UK GHIC card. A specific type of health insurance card, the GHIC is used across most of the EU to ensure free or affordable healthcare. Latvia is no exception to that rule. While you may once have applied for an EHIC card for your Latvia visit, these older cards are not being phased out in exchange for the new GHIC system.

One way to think of a Latvia GHIC card or Poland GHIC card is as the abroad version of your NHS number. The card you’re approved for provides you access to affordable healthcare; in the same way, your NHS number provides you with free healthcare within the UK. While it can be easy to mistake the concept of Latvia health insurance cards with standard travel insurance, your GHIC card like Portugal GHIC card typically covers a far wider scope of accidents, injuries, and healthcare requirements. For example, certain chronic illnesses, pre-existing conditions, and even maternity care are included in the Latvia UK GHIC card.

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Is a Latvia GHIC card a requirement for travellers going to Latvia?

While you aren’t obligated legally to apply for a Latvia UK Global Health Insurance Card, it is highly recommended that you do so. Whether you’re sticking to the picturesque cities or discovering Latvia’s many beauty spots, your GHIC card will provide you peace of mind to know you won’t be left with a vast medical bill should you need to seek medical care. If you want to make the most of your enjoyable visit to Latvia, it makes sense to ensure your trip goes smoothly – and that includes doing the prep work ahead of time.

Another benefit of the Latvia Global Health Insurance Card worth mentioning is that this card doesn’t just cover you alone. If you’re travelling as a family, your GHIC card could cover your spouse and children too. Unlike travel insurance, which can be complicated and not have full coverage, GHIC is inclusive if you need it to be. We’d always recommend having your GHIC card approved before visiting Latvia, plus any additional travel insurance you may be considering.

The only situation where applying for a Latvia UK GHIC card or Romania GHIC card shouldn’t be on your pre-travel checklist is if you still hold a valid EHIC card. While these cards are being phased out, any EHIC card that is in-date can be used in the same way as a GHIC. It’s important to remember to renew your EHIC card to a Latvia GHIC once its validity runs out, or you will no longer be covered.

How do I complete the Latvia GHIC application?

If you’re ready to apply for your Latvia UK GHIC card in preparation of an upcoming trip, we’re here to help. helps streamline the process and make it easier. All you need to do is fill out our online application form, and we’ll do the rest of the work to get your information sent over to the NHS. You can apply anytime for your upcoming trip, and it’s worth getting it out of the way as soon as you can.

For your Latvia GHIC application, you’ll need a few details to hand. An NHS or National Insurance number is required to verify your nationality and the fact you’re a UK resident. You will also need to provide your address and the details of any additional people you include on your GHIC card such as your spouse. Once your application is filled out, it will be reviewed by the NHS and approved, ready for you to take with you on your next trip to Latvia.

Got an upcoming trip to Latvia in the calendar? Complete your Latvia UK GHIC application today to make sure you’re ready for anything. Apply now, and peace of mind will be all yours when it comes to your next visit to this beautiful and historic European country.

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Latvia GHIC Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Latvia GHIC card cost?

At, we charge a small fee for our application service, and many of our customers choose us to streamline the applications process. Once you have your GHIC card and it is approved, there also won’t be any renewal fees when its validity runs out.

When do I need to apply for my Lativa UK GHIC card?

If you have a trip coming up to Latvia or any other part of Europe, we’d always advise that you apply for your UK GHIC card as quickly as you possibly can. Times for NHS review can vary depending on how busy the service is, making it vital to get everything in place as early as you possibly can.

What happens if I travel to Latvia and need medical attention?

If you have a valid Latvia GHIC card and require medical attention, going to a public hospital or clinic and bringing your card with you is the best course of action. While you may consider going through a concierge or holiday rep to find the right medical attention, you may be directed towards private services, which are not included as part of the lower-cost and free medical attention you can access.

If you’ve lost your Latvia GHIC and need urgent medical attention, phoning the NHS Overseas Healthcare Services number on +44 (0)191 218 1999 may allow you to apply for a Provisional Replacement Certificate, a temporary version of the GHIC card.