Luxembourg GHIC

Why do I need the Luxembourg GHIC now we’ve left the EU?

The end of 2020 marked a significant change in the way the UK interacted with the EU. Following our formal disassociation from the Union, lots of negotiations took place, to decide how we traded, travelled, lived and worked in other European countries. For keen travellers, one of the potentially most troubling aspects of Brexit was how foreign travel would be impacted.

Whilst we were part of the EU, UK residents were able to freely access emergency healthcare, when travelling abroad. Since 2004, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) system has permitted UK residents to claim like for like emergency medical treatment in EU member states. That meant that anyone planning a holiday to Luxembourg could rely on the EHIC system to provide the reassurance that they could go to a hospital or other healthcare provider if they had an accident on holiday.

Luckily, post-Brexit, there is still a system in place to allow UK travellers to seek the same kind of medical treatment. The Luxembourg UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) offers the same kind of cover, making it a necessity for anyone planning their next Luxembourg getaway.

What can I claim with a Luxembourg Health Insurance Card?

The point of a Luxembourg GHIC card is to allow UK residents to prove this status, and therefore access “necessary healthcare” if they fall ill or receive an injury whilst in the country. Although Luxembourg is one of the smallest EU member states, it has a great healthcare system – so if you’re planning your trip, make sure that you’ve got the appropriate Luxembourg UK GHIC card, just in case you need it!

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Types of treatment covered by the Luxembourg Health Insurance Card

This lovely country has a lot to offer. Compact but packed with culture, it’s not a surprise that it is such a popular tourist resort. You can find lovely hotels both in the old towns and in the expansive and impressive countryside. However, an accident can happen, even to the most well-prepared traveller, which is where the Luxembourg GHIC comes in.

It is specifically designed to help travellers who find themselves needing urgent care, that is – something which can’t wait for you to get back to the UK to seek treatment for. Whether you stroll down the cobbled streets of the Ville Hauteis and take a tumble, or you find yourself falling ill in your luxury Luxembourg hotel, there are some things that can’t wait. The Luxembourg UK GHIC card will allow you to access emergency treatment through the state-owned healthcare system in Luxembourg.

Most typically, this means A&E trips, or in the most serious cases, emergency surgery or stays in hospital. Travellers who suffer from on-going medical conditions, for example, kidney or lung conditions, may be able to access treatment for chronic conditions where arrangements have been made. In most cases, the Luxembourg UK GHIC card is used to access critical, unexpected treatment for accidents and emergencies.

Do I still need travel insurance once I’ve got a Luxembourg GHIC?

The Luxembourg Health Insurance Card or Sweden GHIC card is not an alternative to travel insurance. You’ll definitely need the Luxembourg GHIC card when you travel, to make sure that you can prove your residency status to the doctors and medical administrators at the facility you receive treatment from. However, you should always have appropriate travel insurance for your needs. This is especially important to bear in mind if you’re planning anything adventurous or active. Whether that’s hiking the Mullerthal trail, or enjoying some caving or kayaking – in Luxembourg things like air ambulances are privatised, so in the unlikely circumstance that you need to use one, you can’t claim the cost of these, just because you have a Luxembourg GHIC or Belgium GHIC card. You should still check that you have a comprehensive insurance policy in place, for these kinds of needs.

And don’t forget – travel insurance goes beyond healthcare. Luxembourg is a very safe, and family-friendly country, but insurance is still a useful way to protect yourself from loss or theft of your belongings.

The best way to carry out a Luxembourg GHIC application

Whilst you’re planning your exciting getaway, the last thing you need is an unnecessary administrative burden. That’s why we’ve done everything we can to make the system as straightforward as possible. Our simple system will enable you to complete a Luxembourg GHIC application online, to quickly and easily get your Luxembourg GHIC card all ready to go, in time for your vacation.

Don’t forget, everyone travelling in your group will need their own Luxembourg GHIC card or Austria GHIC card, including children. That’s why we’ve simplified the system to mean that you can apply on behalf of all your family members, including any under 16s, who will be travelling on your trip to Luxembourg.

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Who is eligible for a Luxembourg Health Insurance Card?

The system has been set up so that eligibility is decided by residency, rather than nationality. This means that as long as you have been legally resident in the UK (including EU nationals who live in the country) prior to 1st January 2021, you can make an application. So why wait? Make your application for a Luxembourg GHIC today, so you can enjoy total peace of mind as you plan your Luxembourg holiday.

Will my maternity needs be covered by a Luxembourg UK Global Health Insurance Card?

Emergency maternity medicine can be accessed in Luxembourg through the Luxembourg GHIC card. Some routine treatment will also be available, if the need arises for expectant mothers visiting the country. However, it does not in itself provide the right to access maternity services where a pregnant woman has travelled to Luxembourg with the specific intention of giving birth there.

Is my EHIC card the same thing as a Luxembourg GHIC?

No. When Britain left the EU, their membership of the EHIC scheme closed, meaning that no new applications for EHIC cards can now be made. The EHIC scheme has effectively been replaced by GHIC, so if you’re planning a romantic getaway, or family trip to Luxembourg – you should consider making a GHIC application now.

Any existing EHIC cards remain valid, but do note that they all have an expiry date – so it’s likely that you’ll need to get a new Luxembourg GHIC card lined up before you take your next holiday. Our simple system is the best way to get this done in a stress-free way, so you can focus on enjoying your holiday!