Travel to the Netherlands with a GHICCard

Known for its windmills and rolling tulip fields, did you know that one-third of the Netherlands is actually below sea level?

This flat country is a popular destination for cycling groups, cheese enthusiasts, and, of course, tourists aimed for its famous capital city – Amsterdam.

But do you know much about The Netherlands’ other cities? This guide will show you some of what this low-lying country has to offer, and the best way to keep safe whilst travelling there.


With well-known tourist hotspots like the Anne Frank House, Van Gough Museum and the Red Light District, Amsterdam has plenty to offer.

For those who like to explore off the beaten path, have you ever fancied swinging back and forth on the top of a 22-storey building? Or visiting a floating cat sanctuary on a canal boat?

Why not give into Amsterdam stereotypes and visit the Marijuana museum? Or browse at one of the city’s many markets, including the famous Bloemenmarkt floating flower market.

Whether you’re there for the nightlife, the museums, the food, or the canals, Amsterdam is an unforgettable city.


The fourth-happiest city in the world, Utrecht is the less-touristy, more-authentic alternative to Amsterdam (with just as many canals).

Hire your own electric boat to explore them yourself, or eat on one of the many canal wharf terrace restaurants packed with locals.

When the sun goes down, why not sip a beer in the old church turned secret bar.

De Haar Castle is just 16km outside the city; the oldest castle in the Netherlands if not the most beautiful.

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Very different from the rest of the Netherlands due to being surrounded almost entirely by Germany and Belgium, Maastricht is a historical city stretching back to the Roman Empire.

Stroll around the medieval city walls to be transported back in time, but we wouldn’t recommend trying the medieval toilet still standing nearby.

The Dutch seem to love repurposing their churches, as here you can find an old church converted into a massive bookshop and cafe.

Stop at a local bakery for a piece of Limburgse Vlaai cake, a Maastricht delicacy.

One in the countryside…Bourtange

So it’s not technically a city, but you shouldn’t miss this fortified village in the marshes, surrounded by star-shaped moats built to keep the Spanish invaders out.

Tour one of the four museums, step inside the church, and enjoy the medieval architecture.

Visit the old barracks to see how the soldiers used to live, before stopping for a Dutch beer in the old market square.


This city was almost totally destroyed in WWII but has been rebuilt with some amazing modern buildings and examples of iconic architecture.

Admire the bright yellow cube houses, home to local residents, or sample some of the cuisine from one of 100 food stalls in the colourful Marthal.

Like all Dutch cities, Rotterdam is easily accessed by bike – bike lanes and even car-free bike paths are everywhere throughout the city.

If Dutch bike culture isn’t enough to convince you to take to the saddle, a GHIC card should help give you the confidence to cycle worry-free, knowing your healthcare costs are taken care of if the worst should happen.

What is the GHIC

For years, European citizens have had access to the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) whilst travelling. This covers you for any healthcare you need whilst abroad, as long as you haven’t travelled specifically for this reason. You can access all state-provided healthcare at a reduced cost (often it’s actually free!).

Since Brexit came into law at the end of December 2020, the UK is no longer part of the European Union which means the pre-existing EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) will be phased out.

But there’s no need to panic! Your current EHIC will continue to be valid until it expires, then you will need to apply for a UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) like Czech Republic GHIC card.

The GHIC works in the same way as the old EHIC. In order to visit Denmark and other EU countries in the future, it will be important to have a Global Health Insurance Card. Apply for your GHIC here.

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Why do I need a GHIC to visit the Netherlands?

The flattest country in Europe makes a great cycling destination; climb on your bike safe with the knowledge that your GHIC will help make healthcare costs affordable, should anything happen.

Can’t decide whether to explore the tulip fields in spring, or make the most of Holland’s many outdoor pursuits in the summer sun? Extend your trip to include both, knowing any healthcare issues or conditions can be managed throughout your trip without an extortionate price tag.

The GHIC like Demark GHIC card can help cover the costs of managing your healthcare needs, from routine maternity care to dialysis, a Global Health Insurance Card means you’re treated like a local and charged accordingly.

How do I apply for a Netherlands Health Insurance card or Estonia GHIC card?

Let us help make your application smoother. One card is universal for all EU countries.


How will the Netherlands GHIC Application help me?

The aim of the Netherlands GHIC is to save you money on your visit to the Netherlands, or any other EU country. Not only will your healthcare costs be massively reduced, but the Netherlands UK Global Health Insurance card may also reduce your travel insurance costs.

What treatment will my Netherlands UK GHIC Card cover during my trip?

With a Netherlands GHIC card, you will be charged the same as a Dutch citizen when accessing healthcare. GP appointments and emergency treatment is all free to access with your Netherlands Health Insurance Card.

Which other countries will my Netherlands GHIC card cover?

The Netherlands UK GHIC card is universal – GHIC cards aren’t issued for a specific country. It covers all 27 European Union countries. Don’t forget Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland aren’t part of the EU so you won’t be covered by your Netherlands UK Global Health Insurance Card.

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