Slovenia GHIC

The role of the Slovenia GHIC after Brexit

Despite being one of the smaller EU countries, over the last decade, Slovenia has become a firm favourite with tourists. Its charming scenery, from mountains and lakes to quaint towns and its well-maintained ski resorts, means that there is lots to explore for all kinds of travellers. There is an impressive range of resorts to choose from that make it a popular choice for couples, families and friendship groups.

If you’re planning a getaway in Slovenia, it’s worthwhile understanding how the regulations have changed following Brexit, and what you need to do in order to be able to access emergency healthcare during your stay.

At the end of 2020, the UK left the EU. At the time, there was a significant debate about whether travellers visiting European countries like Slovenia would retain the right to access like for like emergency healthcare access. Fortunately, when the negotiations were concluded, it was revealed that the UK would indeed retain these rights.

That said, the system has changed. If you’ve got an old EHIC card kicking around with your travel adaptors and spare Euro banknotes, you might find it useful to understand just what the changes are, and why there is a new system that has taken over from EHIC.

The Slovenia GHIC card

The Slovenia UK GHIC card is used to prove your residency, and show that you are entitled to emergency healthcare, without incurring costs. This applies to state-sponsored healthcare, and is primarily focused on helping people who have been injured in accidents or taken suddenly ill. The idea is that it can help people who are injured or ill who do not have the option to wait until they return to the UK to seek treatment – i.e. their condition is serious enough that it needs immediate care.

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What is covered by the Slovenia UK Global Health Insurance Card

No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen to the best of us. Indeed, even if you are a careful and cautious traveller, you can sometimes fall ill unexpectedly. Whether it’s a broken leg on the Julijske ski slopes, or an onset of an infectious disease at your luxury resort on Lake Bled – the Slovenia GHIC card or Poland GHIC card is a useful tool to help you to prove your entitlement to the doctors and medical administrators in Slovenia, and to help you secure treatment.

Even though it’s a small country, there are a range of highly qualified medical professionals in Slovenia’s hospitals, and they are capable of providing a high quality of medical care. Specifically, the Slovenia GHIC card is there to help give you access to emergency medical treatment – that might include things like an A&E visit, or even emergency surgery, should the need arise.

Whilst some routine treatments like dialysis can also be arranged for patients with pre-existing conditions, and specific needs, in general the card is there to help in the case of emergencies. It can’t be used if you are travelling to Slovenia specifically to seek medical or dental treatment. Maternal health conditions are covered, but the system isn’t designed to encourage or permit expectant mothers to travel to the country specifically for the purpose of having their baby in Slovenia.

The interaction between the Slovenia GHIC and travel insurance

As well as having a Slovenia GHIC or Portugal GHIC card before you travel, you should also take care to make sure you also have valid and appropriate travel insurance, for the activities you want to take part in during your stay.

This is particularly important for any thrill-seeking holidaymakers who want to experience some of the amazing adventurous activities the country has to offer. Slovenia is a hugely up and coming ski resort – but if you’re planning to take to the slopes, you should make sure you’ve got your winter sports insurance in place too! After all, services like air ambulances and mountain rescue are often privately owned, meaning that they will not be eligible for no-cost healthcare under the Slovenia UK GHIC scheme. So, appropriate winter sports insurance, alongside the Slovenia UK GHIC are both necessary to make sure that you have a safe holiday, and that you’re fully covered in the instance of any unfortunate accidents.

Also of note is that, of course, your travel insurance policy is designed to help you cope with more than just medical incidents. If your baggage gets lost, or you suffer any damage or theft of your belongings whilst you are on holiday in Slovenia – you will rely on adequate insurance to help you recoup your costs.

Our simple Slovenia GHIC or Romania GHIC card application means that you can quickly and easily sort out everything needed for your Slovenia UK Global Health Insurance Card, and gives you one less thing to think about whilst you get down to the exciting part – planning all of your epic holiday activities!

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Apply now using our straightforward Slovenia UK GHIC application system

Whether you want to hike the mountains, hit the slopes, or just enjoy a relaxing break in the countryside – we know that you don’t want to have to worry about unnecessary admin. We’ve made our system super simple to navigate so that you can quickly and easily get your Slovenia GHIC application underway online. Before you know it, that will be sorted, and you can get on with planning your fun-filled itinerary.


Who needs to hold a Slovenia GHIC?

Every member of your party will need a valid Slovenia UK Global Health Insurance card if they need to claim emergency medical care whilst visiting Slovenia. This includes children – but don’t worry, we’ve made our online application system incredibly straightforward, so you can make an application for every family member with absolutely minimal hassle.

Is the Slovenia GHIC the same as an old EHIC card?

No. If you’ve got an old EHIC card, be sure to check the expiry date. It will only be valid up to that point, after which you will not be able to apply for another EHIC. Instead, you will need to get your application for a Slovenia Health Insurance card underway.

Who is entitled to a Slovenia Health Insurance card?

The scheme is open to UK citizens and EU citizens who have been resident in the UK prior to 1st January 2021. Family members and eligible children are also able to apply. So what are you waiting for? Cross one more thing off your holiday checklist, and use our simple tool to apply for your Slovenia GHIC today!