Sweden GHIC

The European Union and the Sweden UK Global Health Insurance Card

Sweden is one of the two Scandinavian countries that is a full member of the European Union. Before the UK left the EU, in December 2020, UK residents visiting Sweden were able to access necessary healthcare through the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) system.

However, when the negotiations were underway to determine how UK residents could continue to trade, travel, live and work in countries that remained in the EU, there was a lot of debate about what our healthcare entitlement would be like post-Brexit.

Luckily, although UK residents are no longer able to apply for an EHIC, a new system was brought in to replace it, and it is now possible to apply for a Sweden UK Global Health Insurance Card.

What is the Sweden GHIC?

Every traveller has a few things they know are absolute essentials… from your passport to spare pants, but the Sweden UK GHIC or Austria GHIC card is another crucial item that you should be packing before you jet off on your Swedish holiday. Whether you are enjoying a city break in Stockholm or taking a romantic getaway to see the Swedish countryside – there is lots to see and do for all kinds of travellers.

The Sweden GHIC card was brought in as a simple way for UK residents to show that they are entitled to receive necessary healthcare in Sweden, without incurring costs. Eligibility is based on residency, so as well as UK citizens, some EU citizens and dual-nationals who have been resident in the UK prior to December 31st 2020 can also be eligible to apply. If you’re eligible, you can also apply for a Sweden GHIC for your dependent children and family members.

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What is covered by the Sweden Health Insurance Card

The card will help its owner show that they are a UK resident, and are entitled to receive emergency medical treatment for free, through the Swedish state healthcare provisions. It’s designed to protect travellers who find themselves in unfortunate situations and in need of medical treatment that cannot wait until they return to the UK.

Although Sweden is a tremendously safe country for travellers, it’s still possible that you might experience a sudden onset of an illness whilst you are travelling. In this instance, things like A&E visits, and emergency surgery would be covered by the Sweden GHIC or Belgium GHIC card. By proving your residency status in a Swedish hospital, you would be covered by the scheme.

It’s also useful to anyone who has an accident. Whether you take a tumble on the cobbled streets of Stockholm or break a bone whilst trekking in Abisko – a Sweden GHIC can help you prove your entitlement to treatment.

The Sweden UK GHIC and travel insurance

No matter where you are travelling, it’s always a good idea to have travel insurance. Issues like lost luggage or flight delays have the potential to upset your holiday plans, so a comprehensive travel insurance plan is the best way to cope with these potential problems.

When it comes to healthcare matters, having a Sweden GHIC is an absolute essential before you travel, but don’t forget that travel insurance is also useful too. The Sweden UK GHIC card is not intended to be a replacement for a valid travel insurance policy.

This is particularly important to think about if you’re planning to engage in some high-adrenaline adventurous activities or winter sports. After all, Sweden has lots of amazing activities on offer, including some of the most interesting ski slopes in Europe.

If you are planning to hit the slopes in Björnen, or any of the other luxury ski resorts in the area, you should always make sure you have valid insurance cover. Emergency transport, for example air ambulances and mountain rescue who might be called on to help evacuate you from the mountainside in a serious incident, are often privatised. This means that your Sweden GHIC or Bulgaria GHIC card on its own will not be enough to cover you for this.

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How to make a Sweden GHIC application

So you’ve packed your snow boots and planned your excursion to see the Northern Lights – the last thing you want to have to worry about it more admin. That’s precisely why we’ve designed our system to be totally straightforward, meaning that you can submit a Sweden GHIC application in just a few minutes. Before you know it, you’ll be packed and ready to jet off on your amazing Swedish getaway.


Will a Sweden GHIC help me if I am taken ill during travel?

Yes. The great thing about the Sweden Health Insurance Card is that it covers you if you are taken ill in transit. So whether you’re flying, or you’ve hopped on the ferry – if you happen to fall ill on your way to Sweden, your Sweden GHIC card will help you show your entitlement to necessary healthcare as soon as you arrive.

Which age groups need a Sweden UK GHIC?

Everyone in your group will need a valid Sweden UK Global Health Insurance Card when they travel if they need to show their entitlement to treatment. This includes children, but we’ve made it super simple to make a Sweden GHIC application for under 16s – so check out our online application form now and let us help you take care of all your GHIC organisation.

How does the Sweden GHIC relate to the EHIC. Can I apply for an EHIC instead?

No. The EHIC scheme was discontinued for UK citizens following Brexit. Existing EHIC cards cannot be renewed beyond their expiry dates, and no new applications for EHIC cards can be made. The Sweden UK GHIC card was brought in as an alternative, and if you’re intending to travel to Sweden, you’ll need to have a valid Sweden Health Insurance Card. If your old EHIC is expired, then you’ll need to make sure that you’ve got an application in for your Sweden UK Global Health Insurance Card, so you are sufficiently protected in case there are any accidents or medical emergencies on your trip.

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